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Business Building

As Entrepreneurs,
We Start our Businesses Expecting to Attain Success

The reality is 50% of all new businesses fail in the first five years.*

They find out they are underfunded, not well-equipped, or just did not foresee the roadblocks.  

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Building a Successful Business is a Challenge…

Time Poor. Cash Poor.
We end up as a miserable employee working in our own company.

Do you feel your business is stagnant?

Stuck in the mud.
Not growing.

A Business that’s not growing is a Business that’s dying.

Do you feel like you don’t know what to do next?

Too many voices
Too many choices
Don’t know which way to go?

Beginning to doubt your own decisions?

Are you doing the same thing expecting different results?

Take action now to right your ship.

Don’t be stuck with that…“One day my ship will come in” mentality.

We help bring clarity and direction to the future of our clients businesses, thereby dramatically increasing their opportunity for growth and success.
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Grow into Your Success

Ultimately, you can have growth, sustainability, and long-term success in your business.

Find Clarity

Get a clear outside view of your company’s current position.

To understand where you need to go, you need to understand where you are.

Get a Clear Vision

Learn to operate with the systems of a larger company

Take advantage of systemization to put you ahead of the game and to help you run more efficiently.

The Right Systems are Crucial

Become the leader that your business needs.

Learn to become the CEO of your Company.

Gain the Confidence Needed

A Solid Balanced Approach to Business Success

Learn more about how Draw Management Solutions can guide your business toward success.

Hi, I'm Tim Ward

As a product of the employee culture I was caught living a busy, yet comfortable lifestyle.  I was working long hours, missing family events, working my way up from the ground floor. I enjoyed learning several aspects of the corporate world all while running my own businesses on the side.  It all came to an end the day someone asked, “So, what’s your next move?”  That was when I realized it was time to go do what I’ve always wanted to do, help others.

Early Influencers

My greatest influence in my life has always been my parents.  My Dad told me to "Be the best you can be and you’ll be the best in the room.” My Mom always pushed me to  “Do the right thing” and told me “Tim, you can become anything you set your mind to be.”  This combined mentality kept me moving forward in my life and my career.

Pivotal Influencer

Ever since high school, I wanted to escape the employee culture and become a business owner. I felt I would be stuck in this constant cycle of working for someone else forever. It wasn’t until I joined the hospitality industry and met one of the best leaders in my career that helped me to realize something my Mom always taught me… I could become anything that I set my mind to be.  Putting all of that into practice, along with the proper training, I knew I could become the business owner I wanted to be.

I got a life changing revelation

I thought I would be working for someone else the rest of my life until I realized that I could succeed in business.  You too, can make the switch and become the successful business owner that you’ve longed to be.  

Now I want to share

I've always had faith in people's potential. Witnessing that 'aha' moment followed by their success in business is incredibly rewarding for me.

That’s why I am committed to your success!

Proud to be inspiring
business minds.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

"I knew my business, but not how to grow it. Tim Ward has helped me plot every step of my growth, and he’s helping me achieve it."

Bryan Willis

Bryan Eliot Media Group
"I recommend every entrepreneur or small business owner get the assistance needed to help establish, or give their business the boost it needs, with Tim Ward."

Keyah Williams

Mama Nature's Juice Bar
"Tim Ward and his team are very professional, knowledgeable informative and thorough."

Jimmy Shallow

Birmingham House of Cuts
Find a new way of learning business designed for the future.

Dreams of Business Freedom

Find Your Beach

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