Meet Tim Ward
Founder & CEO

“I created Draw Management Solutions to help you gain control of your business and build the future you truly want”
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Are You Ready for the Future of Business?

Being ready means facing it.

Let’s face it. Our education system is broken. Designed back in the industrial revolution to dish out factory workers. Endless exams and relentless warnings for us not to fail, condition us to fear the very thing.  The outcome? Lack of clarity for our future. Fear of taking risks. Lack of practical know how to go it on our own. Imposter syndrome. Perfectionism. Stress. Overwhelm. Burnout. Failure.We may have been educated to be great at what we do, but too many businesses fail because we haven’t learned to lead or ironically, let go of our fear of failure. So how can you go from employee in your own business—with you as the crazy boss!—to an inspired leader?I’ve learnt some big lessons—about business, and about new ways to learn it. Less classroom, more context. Less impulse, more integrity. Less revision, more reflection. Less fear, more foresight.I created CEO Entrepreneur because I don’t want to see you struggle, stress, or get stuck many times over… like I did. I created CEO Entrepreneur to help you get control of your business and build the future your really want.

Tim Ward
Founder & CEO
Draw Management Solutions
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About Tim

Tim Ward is Founder and Lead Coach of a compa dedicated to helping business owners achieve their vision. Tim and his team work hand-in-hand with business owners to increase their individual capacity for growth and help them to realize their full personal and business potential. Our distinctive approach coupled with solid business fundamentals is the foundation and fuel for this growth.

For over 25 years, Tim worked in Hospitality Management and over 10 years in Business Consulting. During this time he dealt with all aspects of business including Business Concepts, Systems Creation and Installation, Financial Management, Employee Development, Sales and Marketing, Location Acquisition, Management Training, Branding and Brand Consistency, Incorporation of Software programs and much more. Tim has been elected to various Leadership Councils, conducted Diversity Training for leaders, and sat on organizational boards. He brings this wealth of experience to every project and uses an assortment of skills to tailor solutions that maximize the potential of each business.

Passionate about helping people achieve their business’ vision, Tim and his team of specialists focus on helping companies move “From Potential to Success”. They will utilize their many years of experience and varied skill sets to take your company from concept to market and you the owner, from an Idealist to Successful Entrepreneur.

In business, we need new ways to learn together.

We need inspiring business minds.

CEO Entrepreneur offers a unique blend of coaching, mentoring, and consulting that gathers the best and brightest in future-facing entrepreneurship and business. With our coaching you focus. With our learning you understand. With our consulting you execute.

Here's how we see the world​

It inspires our work every day


Everything about CEO Entrepreneur is driven by integrity. It’s a compass for deciding where to put our energy and effort.

Purpose Matters


Honesty and transparency start with ourselves — and being truthful as we develop helps us all live worthwhile business lives.

The truth is liberating


Following our passion and dreams lights us up, and in turn tends to help us light up the world. Success grows from passion — we should care for it.

Inspiration makes a difference


Exceptional quality is hard to pin down, but absolutely crucial to strive for and indeed accomplish. Our capacity for great work is a precious resource.

Quality is paramount


Taking pleasure in our work is not only a great motivator, it’s completely contagious. Inspiration often starts with hard work, but should end in enjoyment.

Fun is not a
four-letter word!

"Work smart, play hard, connect with integrity and purpose, always be learning, and always
be loving life"

Tim Ward

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